For temperature profiling furnaces manufacturing aluminium radiators, condensers, etc. for automobile air conditioning and cooling systems. Brazing System for CAB Furnaces are developed to withstand the harsh conditions in CAB furnaces while consistently collecting accurate temperature data from critical points around the product. The data logger at the heart of this system is protected in the furnace by the TS08 thermal barrier, which has been designed so that it will resist attack from hydrofluoric acid which destroys most therma lbarriers used in these processes. The insulation inside the barrier is pre-filled with nitrogen to minimise oxygen levels inside the barrier, which may lead to the formation of moisture.

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Designed for the auto and auto parts industry, the PhoenixTM Classic Finishing System allows you to measure the exact temperature of your product with up to 20 thermocouples from a single data logger, as it passes through the curing oven. The silicone free design makes it perfect for use in coating applications, especially within the automobile industry. The Classic Finishing System combines the TS04-113-1 thermal barrier, with a choice of 6, 10 or 20 channel PTM1 series data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software. Add to this system the range of PhoenixTM thermocouples with their unique removable sensors, and you have a robust, accurate, system which can be simply integrated into the quality procedures of a ‘state of the art’ automobile plant.

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PTFE TEFLON Curing Ovens

Designed for PTFE / Teflon coating applications, the PhoenixTM Compact Finishing Systemmeasures the exact temperature of your product as it passes through the process. The thermal barrier that protects the data logger will withstand temperatures of up to 500°C in the curing oven.The Compact PTFE Curing System combines the TS01-090-1 thermal barrier, the PTM1-006 Compact data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View software, together with a range of high temperature PhoenixTM thermocouples to give a robust, accurate, and competitively priced system.

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After casting, products such as road wheels, cylinder heads, brake callipers, etc. are strengthened by solution treatment and age hardening (T6). This involves heating the castings to a specified temperature, quenching in water, and then reheating.  Where temperature profiling is a requirement, or where a temperature survey is needed to prove compliance to a heat treatment specification (CQI-9, etc.), the PhoenixTM High Temperature Water Quench System is the answer. The System combines the TS06-215-1 thermal barrier, with a choice of either a 6 or 10 channel PTM1 series high temperature data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software.

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Reheat trials to measure stock temperatures for comparison to mathematical model data take time and effort to prepare and run. The data logger which gathers and stores the temperature data from the test slab is at the heart of the profiling system and must be well protected from the fierce heat of the furnace. This is achieved by using the TS07 thermal barrier which has been designed to offer maximum protection for an extended period to cope with stoppages in the furnace. The system combines the TS07-300-1 thermal barrier with a choice of either 10 or 20 channel PTM1 series high temperature data logger and PhoenixTM Thermal View Software.

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Developed for processes up to 800°C the PhoenixTM General Purpose Furnace Profiling System is perfect for applications such as windscreen bending, annealing, tempering, brazing, etc. in the aluminium, glass and steel industries. The General Purpose Furnace Profiling System combines the TS01-125-1 thermal barrier, the PTM1-010 data logger, and PhoenixTM Thermal View Plus software, together with a range of PhoenixTM mineral insulated thermocouples to give a robust, accurate, system which is ideal for everyday usage in many industrial heat treatment processes.

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Developed for Profiling and surveying in processes such as carburizing etc., where process temperatures can reach up to 950°C, the Phoenix TM High Temperature Profiling and Surveying System is built to with stand the harsh atmospheres and temperatures found in many heat treatment processes.This System combines either the TS02-250-1, or the TS02-300-1 thermal barriers, the PTM1 series dataloggers with up to 20 channels in a single datalogger, and Phoenix TM Thermal View Plus software. Combined with a range of Phoenix TM mineral insulated thermocouples this is a robust, accurate, system which is ideal for critical profiling and surveying operations.

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CONTACT FIRING for Solar Panels

The contact firing process creates the connection betweenthe silver contacts and the silicon cell. If the time/temperature curve is not correct then the resistance at this point will be affected and therefore theoverall efficiency of the cell. This is a fast process comprising several critical stages including a burnout phase, a high temperature firing phase and a cooling phase. Monitoring the thermal profile of this process is therefore critical to the quality of the finished product, which is why the profiling systemmust be accurate, able to collect data at a fast rate,and should have the ability to withstand the repeated heating and cooling cycles when setting up or monitoring furnace performance. At less than 1 Kg, the Phoenix TM system is less than 75% of the mass of major competitive systems.

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PAINT AND POWDER COATING – CLASSIC pdf icon Classic Finishing System LR.pdf

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FURNACE PROFILING SYSTEM GENERAL PURPOSE pdf icon General Purpose Profiling System LR.pdf

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