Surya is the latest and most sophisticated in METAL POWER range of spectrometers. The instrument uses time resolved spectroscopy (TRS) and breakthrough optics and applications design to deliver a range of features such as sol-insol analysis, analysis of pure metals for low level trace elements and low level analysis of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Its multi-CCD optics design selects the optimal lines from 120-800 nm and uses time-resolved spectroscopy to deliver industry-leading performance with an analytical capability across 40+ elements and more than 11 bases. Designed to meet the most stringent of analytical requirements, its innovative Triple Optics system and extended wavelength range assure precise identification and trace analysis of critical elements including N in steel and P in aluminium.





The Metavision-1008i, has been focus-created for rapid analysis (20 seconds for non-ferrous metals and 25 seconds for steels & cast iron). It offers low detection limits combined with high stability, precision and accuracy. At the same time, it is rugged, reliable and requires minimal operating and maintenance overhead. The patented D-Scan optics of the have been designed to ensure high resolution and enable lower limits of detection with high precision and repeatability. The instrument has multi-base capabilities across more than 11 bases and 29 elements and delivers industry-leading performance in its class across a wide set of parameters. Proven capabilities across Lead analysis, Cast Iron / S.G. Iron / Ductile / Malleable Iron (including analysis of Zinc) Stainless Steels (including Nitrogen in Duplex and other Steels), Heat-resistant Stainless Steels and analysis of low levels of Carbon, make the Metavision-1008i a powerful Laboratory-grade solution to almost every requirement in metals industries.





The CCD based Metavision-108N series spectrometers are compact, consume less energy and argon, are more economical to operate and maintain and deliver precision and accuracy of the highest order. Using high-resolution CCD detectors, the Metavision-108N series analyses the entire spectrum in the wavelength range of 160 to 780 nm, delivering the capability to analyse the entire gamut of critical elements, including Nitrogen, Sodium, Potassium and Lithium. The Metavision-108N is an extremely powerful and yet highly flexible instrument with an analytical capability of more than 10 bases and 20+ elements. Aside from routine applications to analyse pure metals and alloys, there is also a range of proven special applications – including thin foils, special tool steel, wires, rings, coins, pig iron and several more. METAL POWER also develops custom applications on demand to meet specific customer requirements.



The Spartan shares its DNA with the Metavision-108N series and has been custom-designed by Metal Power to address the needs of the SMME sector which has often been forced to shy away from investments in spectrometers purely on account of the capital costs involved. With high precision, accuracy and repeatability, the Spartan is a rugged and compact benchtop solution that meets all the critical quality assurance needs of fast-growing and quality conscious SMMEs. Available for Ferrous and non-Ferrous (Al, Cu etc.) bases, the Spartan is powered by the same Analyst operating and applications suite that powers the Metavision-108N series. Designed for usage even by untrained operators, the Spartan is not just easy-to-use, but also easy to maintain, while its low Argon and electricity consumption ensure that operating costs do not offset its low cost of acquisition.



Several metal applications – most particularly in recycling and scrap, but also frequently in routine metal processing or incoming / outgoing QC – require a spectrometer to be mobile and call for a probe as opposed to the standard sample stands that feature on stationary spectrometers. Designed with such applications in mind, the Metavision-108P is a mobile spectrometer equipped with a hand-held probe. The Metavision-108P is built to be rugged enough to withstand shop floor stresses and provide fatigue-free operations across a range of environmental and working conditions. Light and ergonomic, the probe is designed for ease-of-use and operating convenience, while the instrument's battery increases mobility and allows for sustained usage even in places without power supply sources.





Metal Power offers a wide range of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) including CRMs that are typically considered difficult to make, such as Cast Iron, S.G. Iron and Aluminium Standards2. Metal Power assures the highest quality across various grades of Ferrous and non-Ferrous Alloy Standards in solid form. Metal Samples are manufactured using advanced techniques for achieving homogeneity. We follow ILAP (Inter-Laboratory Accreditation Programme), have systems in place as per ISO-17025 for testing and follow ISO guidelines 30-35 in the manufacturing of CRMs. Each CRM is accompanied by a Test Certificate giving Certified Elemental Values, Standard Deviations and Uncertainty. ILAP Values are provided too.



The 2in1-G is a compact, non-polluting, low noise and handy machine for ferrous metals. It can do grinding and pointing of electrodes. It has an Auto-Grit collection system for sample preparation. It gives a big advantage to the spectrometer operator as he can decide how much of the surface to grind. Since it is kept close to the spectrometer, the 2in1-G avoids the mix-up of samples and helps cost-reduction especially when preparing expensive standards.

The 3in1 is a versatile, compact and handy machine for ferrous & non-ferrous metals. One can turn softer non-ferrous samples as well grind hard ferrous and other samples. The Turning Station has a see-through shield for the safety of the operator from hot flying chips. The Grinding Station has an Auto-Grit Collection System. The Pointing attachment is for fine and accurate pointing of the Tungsten Sparking Electrode to just the right, recommended cone angle. An advanced model, 3in1-AFVS, with automated turning or grinding feature is also available.



H-SCAN ANALYSER for H in molten Aluminium

The presence of Hydrogen in molten Aluminium poses problems to the foundry and casting industries, as high residual hydrogen can result in significant porosity after casting, leading to rejections or the risk of mechanical failure. H-Scan makes it easier to substantially improve both the Quality and the Reliability of Aluminium castings, by enabling precise control of Hydrogen content in the Aluminium melt just before casting. No under or over de-gassing. No rejections, no wastage of time or money. Metal Power's H-Scan Analyser has been built to rapidly and accurately analyse the Hydrogen content in molten Aluminium and has a number of unique features. H-Scan uses the reduced pressure technique to measure the Hydrogen content. By controlled solidification, the partial pressure of all the Hydrogen released is accurately measured and related to its percentage. H-Scan gives accurate quantitative information within 3 to 5 minutes of sampling, enabling users to optimize the level of de-gassing.



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