SINTHESIS Mould Flux Powders are essentially composed of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 with the addition of fluxing agents, carbon, alkali, glass formers and transition metal oxides. Each component plays a functional role in defining specific physio-chemical characteristics such as carbon which controls melting rate and improves thermal insulation. The main functions of mould fluxes is to provide chemical protection of liquid steel from oxidation, provide thermal insulation, to lubricate the strand-mould interface and to provide uniform heat transfer between the strand and the mould wall.

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PROTEEM-PROTEEM AT Insulating Powders

PROTEEM insulating powders are used for thermal conservation and to minimise steel oxidation. Factors such as steel grade, slag composition, the area to be covered as well as casting/sequence time are used in the design of product. Rice-husk-ash nodules as well as synthetic substitutes for rice-husk-ash are also offered. PROTEEM is also produced as a Basic Active Tundish powder where effective NMI absorption is provided by optimising the specific viscosity and surface tension of the molten slag layer in contact with the liquid steel.

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PROFILNozzle Well Filler

PROFIL Nozzle Well Filler is a refractory material based on chromite sand. It is used to ensure free openings in slide gate teeming by preventing steel entering the nozzle and minimising skull formation. PROFIL does not sinter or float in liquid steel remaining compact during steel treatment. PROFIL maximises free slide gate openings by minimising the use of oxygen and increasing the lives of the slide gate refractories.

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