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Furnace Temperature Profiling

Temperature profiling products through a heat treatment, finishing, or firing processes is achieved by attaching thermocouples to the critical points of the product, connecting these probes to a Data Logger, and by protecting the Data Logger with a Thermal Barrier, the whole system can travel through the heat treatment process together with the product.

Phoenix System Components

Thermal Barriers

Temperature Data Loggers


RF Telemetry


Thermal Barriers

Hig Quality Insulation & Heat Resistant materials

Evaportaive or Conventional ‘Heat Sink’

Can Operate up to 1300ºC

Can be designed & manufactured to suit cutomer requirements

Temperature Data Loggers

Accurate (±0.3ºC)

Type K or N

6, 10 or 20 Thermocouple Channels

High Operational Temperature (110ºC)

Rugged Construction and Moisture Proof


Various types for high & low temperature operation

Thermocouples can be supplied with calibration certificate

High temperature thermocouples have Nicrobel sheath for greater re-use flexibility

Low temperature magnetic and clamp thermocouples have removable parts for re-use

RF Telemetry

For real time data transmission out of furnaces in survey operations

Uses Zigbee protocol allowing for additive routers & repeaters

True wireless connection between system components

All standard USB connections


Clear Layout with Large Graphical Area

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Full Analysis functions on historic data

Real Time viewing with zoom and analysis

Libraries to set up process settings

Data Export and Import in CSV format

PhoenixTM Applications

* Heat Treatment * T6 Solution Treatment
* Kiln Profiling Systems * Steel Slab Reheat
* Oil Quench Process * Aluminium Brazing
*AM2750E Surveying * Paint/Powder Coating
* ATEX Finishing System * PTFE Curing Process
* PV Solar Contact Firing * Food Processing

Heat Treatment


Developed for heat treatment processes up to 800°C the PhoenixTM General Purpose Furnace Profiling System is perfect for applications such as windscreen bending, glass container annealing, steel spring tempering & aluminium brazing. In windscreen manufacturing plants the system can also be used to monitor temperatures in autoclaves where pressure and temperature are used to laminate the layers of glass and plastic.

T6 Solution Treatment

After casting, products such as road wheels, cylinder heads, brake callipers, etc. are strengthened by solution treatment and age hardening (T6). This involves heating the aluminium castings to a specified temperature, quenching in water, then reheating. Where temperature profiling is a requirement, or where a temperature survey is needed to prove compliance to a heat treatment specification (CQI-9, etc.), the PhoenixTM High Temperature Water Quench System is the answer.

Kiln Profiling System

Developed for ceramic applications the PhoenixTM TS05 Tunnel Kiln Profiling System is perfect for applications such as brick, sanitaryware, pottery, and refractory firing processes. This system has been designed specifically for easy use in tunnel kilns where space is limited, durations are long, and temperatures beneath the kiln car can be high.

Steel Slab Reheat

Slab, billet, or bloom reheat trials measuring stock temperature for comparison to mathematical model data, take time and effort to prepare and run. The PTM1-010 data logger, which gathers and stores the temperature data from the test slab, must be well protected from the fierce heat of the furnace. This is achieved by using the TS07 thermal barrier which has been designed to offer maximum protection for an extended period to cope with stoppages in the furnace (roll changes etc.) while the trial is under way.

Oil Quench

Carburizing in an integrated quench (IQ) furnace 

During the oil quench, products within the batch can sometimes experience distortion problems

Monitoring the temperature at various depths within the product and locations around the batch, can provide valuable data on the temperature profile of the part throughout the complete heating and cooling cycle.

Aluminium Brazing

Radiators, Condensers, Heater Cores and Oil Coolers

Withstands the harsh conditions in CAB (controlled atmosphere brazing) furnaces where temperatures reach 600°C

The insulation inside the barrier is pre-filled with nitrogen to minimize oxygen levels inside the barrier, which may lead to the formation of moisture. 

This system consistently collects accurate temperature data from critical points around the product.

AM2750E Surveying

Developed for profiling and furnace surveying to NADCAP / AMS2750E specifications in processes such as low pressure carburizing etc., where process temperatures can reach up to 1100°C, the PhoenixTM High Temperature Profiling and Surveying System is built to withstand the harsh atmospheres and temperatures found in many heat treatment processes.

Paint & Powder Coating

Originally designed for the auto and auto parts industry, the PhoenixTM Classic Finishing System allows you to measure the exact temperature of your product with up to 20 thermocouples from a single data logger, as it passes through the curing oven. The silicone free design makes it perfect for use in coating applications, especially within the automobile industry.

ATEX Finishing System

The PTM1410 Epsilon-X Data Logger is Intrinsically Safe and has been designed, manufactured and certified to provide ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosive) approval for use in potentially hazardous ‘explosive’ enviroments with particular reference to the paint coating markets

PTFE Curing Process

Designed for PTFE / Teflon® coating applications, the PhoenixTM Compact Finishing System travels through the oven with your product to measure the exact temperature profile of the substrate and the atmosphere within the product vicinity. The thermal barrier that protects the data logger will withstand temperatures of up to 500°C in the curing oven, whilst the data logger remains at a safe working temperature.

PV Solar Contact Firing

PV solar cell manufacture, the contact firing process creates the connection between the silver contacts and the silicon cell. If the time/temperature curve is not correct then the resistance at this point will be affected and therefore the overall efficiency of the cell. This is a fast process comprising several critical stages including a burn out phase, a high temperature firing phase and a cooling phase. At less than 1 Kg, the PhoenixTM system is less than 75% of the mass of major competitive systems.

Food Processing

Designed specifically for the food industry, the multi channel PhoenixTM Food Profiling System measures the exact temperature of product as is passes through the cooking, chilling or freezing process. The waterproof data logger is protected in the process by the TS14 series thermal barrier which is suitable for use in fryers, steam cookers, chillers and blast freezers.