Geometric Intertrade was started in 1993 as a supplier and agent of processes and products to the Southern African pyrometallurgical industry. Due to sales and product growth it was decided to differentiate the business into two entities; SIDERMET and GEOMETRIC METALLURGICAL SUPPLIES. This allowed for product differentiation and marketing focus.

SIDERMET was established in 1999 to focus on products used by the pyrometallurgical sector to measure and control their processes. These products are highly specialized and are used in very high temperature environments. SIDERMET manufactures a wide range of sensors for the measurement of liquid metal. These sensors offer the ability for customers to measure temperature and specific chemical aspects of their process such as carbon and oxygen in steel, carbon and silicon in Iron as well morphological aspects of Aluminium-Silicon alloys. The company also manufactures a wide range of liquid metal sampling devices for various types of applications as well as sensors for MORE, BSE and SUBLANCE automatic dipping systems.

SIDERMET operates in-house convolute core winding machines for the manufacture of the cardboard sleeves that carry the various sensors. The sensors are all assembled and configured locally. At present SIDERMET manufactures and supplies approximately TWO million sensors per year consuming 300T of paper. The company also produces cores for outside customers. The company employs and contracts approximately 20 people and operates from 2000m2 of factory space located in Boksburg-South Africa. The company is both ISO 9001:2008 and BBBEE accredited meeting the minimum requirements for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa.

In addition to the sensor market, SIDERMET represent the following companies as agents or as a licensed manufacturer:

SIDERMES S.p.A. – Sensor and Instrumentation Manufacturer –

AGELLIS GROUP – Electromagnetic Level Measurement –

PHOENIXTM – Temperature Profiling of Furnaces, Ovens & Kilns –

METAL POWER – Spectrometers using CCD array technology –

NORTHERN INSTRUMENTS – Infrared Temperature Equipment –

GEOMETRIC METALLURGICAL SUPPLIES was established in 2005 to market products and processes that are used by the pyrometallurgical sector in Southern Africa. These products are primarily of a refractory nature and used in the processing of liquid metal and for which fall out of the measurement and control space. The products include refractory bricks, graphite electrodes, casting powders, slide gate flow control systems, purging systems and degassing systems. These products are mostly distributed on an agency basis.

The slide gate systems, hydraulics and related refractories are produced locally. The slide gate system is designed for small ladles not normally catered for by the main suppliers and all refractories for the system are stocked locally. The company employs and contracts approximately 5 people. GEOMETRIC represents the following companies:

TEMPOUR – Equipment for the Steel Industry –

PROSIMET S.p.A. – Casting Powders for Continuous Casters –

KERAMACALIA – Specialist refractory products –