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SIDERMET manufacture and distribute a wide range of products for the measurement and control of liquid metal and other high temperature related processes. Accurate measurement and control are critical for pyrometallurgical processes leading to increased productivity, cost efficiency and safety.

Technologies include:


and related instrumentation for the measurement of temperature, sampling, oxygen determination and analysis in liquid metal.


for the determination of metal/matte levels as well as slag detection in smelters, furnaces, ladles, tundishes and continuous casters.

SPECTROGRAPHIC ANALYSIS of metal samples using CCD array technology.
CONTINUOUS TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT of liquid metal using black body and infrared technology.
TEMPERATURE PROFILING of heat treatment furnaces, ovens and kilns using data loggers and thermal barriers.
SLIDEGATE FLOW CONTROL SYSTEMS for the control of liquid metal from bottom pouring ladles.
MOULD FLUX & TUNDISH POWDERS for continuous casting in the steel industry.
CONVOLUTE CARDBOARD CORES manufactured for in-house requirements as well as for the outside paper carton tube market.